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Hi. We're Ascent.

We help you connect data, software & purpose to drive extraordinary outcomes.

You could say we do digital transformation. But we’d rather say we help people solve problems, or do new things, or do existing things better.

Our teams specialise in software product development, data engineering, business intelligence, advanced analytics, data science and IoT (Internet of Things) solutions. We love what we do and we get to work with some of the sharpest minds in the brightest businesses, helping brand leaders across a broad range of industries build new capabilities and unlock value: from smart home devices, space exploration and beer to manufacturing, finance, ecology and logistics.

We prioritise 3 elements in our customer partnerships:


We do work that matters to our customers so we invest time in experiencing the challenge from their perspective. We let our customers tell us what success looks like. It makes our job harder, but we want to succeed on their terms.


Our role is critical in bringing ideas and concepts to life for our customers - and that responsibility fuels us to achieve more and go further. We are never jaded. We are curious and obsessed with learning, helping spark and sustain the momentum to transform in our customer businesses.


When we exceed expectations and surprise and delight users, everyone wins. Creating 'wow' moments for customers is a priority for us in any engagement. We need to think big if we are going to help customers create impact. And whatever the challenge, it can (always) be done.

Building digital advantage.

The universal challenge.

Experience, driven by technology, is the ultimate differentiator in modern business. But digital transformation is tough.

We know that businesses that are digitally empowered and strong achieve more, more quickly. That's why we help our customers build capabilities, not just apps or features.

We take the time to understand the role of technology in your business: how you connect and engage with it, the responsibilities you give it, how much you trust it, how far it guides you. We help you modernise your core technology proposition and better control the relationships between software, data and platforms. Around this core we help you design and build business capabilities that create new opportunities, unlock value with insight and help you deliver your purpose more effectively.

We call this 'building digital muscle'. And it gives our customers the confidence, tools and skills to transform: to do something new, or do something better.

What do you want to do next?

Innovate: Do something new.


Solve problems, deliver new consumer experiences and go-to-market solutions. Create new value through innovative, custom-built cloud-native, hybrid and mobile software propositions.

  • Solution strategy & delivery
  • Minimum Viable Products & Proof of Concepts
  • Agile, flexible delivery
  • Experience design
  • Security
Data & Analytics

Drive new ways to make faster, informed decisions. Transform distributed and unmanageable data into a streamlined data warehouse, creating new insight capabilities.

  • Data analysis​
  • Data cleansing​
  • Data aggregation & summarisation​
  • Extract, Transform & Load (ETL)​
  • On-demand KPIs, reporting & dashboarding​
IoT & Embedded

Create new propositions, reduce inventory, maintenance costs and improving asset tracking. Develop new ways for your customers and agents to interact with your products and services.

  • Industry 4.0​
  • Smart home & cities​
  • Low-level & firmware​
  • Virtual Assistants​

Integration & Automation

Deliver richer, smoother customer engagements that maintain loyalty. Leverage robotic processes, frameworks and APIs to connect systems together, increasing speed of processing and precision.

  • Middleware
  • APIs​
  • Bot frameworks​
  • Testing & mocking​
  • Migrations

Optimise: Do something better.


Re-architect and rebuild legacy, hard-to-maintain apps into modern cross-platform, cloud-accessible, scalable and performant solutions.

  • Data modernisation & consolidation
  • Customer experience re-engineering
  • Code refactoring & replatforming
  • Microservices architecture
  • Application migration & modernisation
Intelligence, Machine Learning & AI

Create a differentiated vibrant ecosystem of experiences and customer interactions. Leverage cloud capabilities & cognitive services that include text, speech and vision.

  • Pattern analysis​
  • Predictive modelling​
  • Prescriptive modelling​
DevOps / CI / CD

Realise maximum change cadence with continuous integration and deployment, increasing agility and team momentum while reducing time-to-value.

  • Process streamlining
  • Predictable release cadence
  • Integrated customer feedback
  • Kubernetes & containerisation
  • Infrastructure right-sizing using ARM templating
Services & Platforms

Rationalise custom-built legacy business applications and manual processes with modernised, highly available and secure cloud-native services.

  • CRM (Dynamics)
  • Data visualisation (PowerBI)
  • Collaboration (SharePoint & Teams)

How we work.

Engage on your terms.

Skills & specialisms.

Key technologies.

We offer full stack capability delivered by technical centres of excellence in the UK, Malta and Bulgaria, with smaller local teams in 14 additional countries worldwide.

  • C#
  • .NET
  • Java
  • Go
  • Javascript
  • Node JS
  • Python
  • R
  • Ruby
  • PHP
  • AngularJS
  • ReactJS & React Native
  • HTML & CSS
  • SQL Server
  • C++
  • JSON
  • Xamarin

Resources & roles.

Our teams consult, design, engineer & implement across key modern technology disciplines.

  • Solution Strategists
  • Product Owners
  • Software Engineers
  • Technical Architects
  • Data Scientists
  • Data Engineers
  • DevOps Engineers
  • Manual/ Automation Testers
  • Project Managers

Where we come from.

Now part of our family.

Ascent is going places and growing fast, but our roots are in smaller, specialised businesses who are amazing at what they do and want to scale to address a broader market. Our strength comes from the careful integration and combination of these talents under a single shared mission, with a clear vision and strong values. The businesses below are part of our heritage and story.


Mango is an award-winning UK data science and advanced analytics business. Mango empowers organisations to thrive by fostering a data-driven culture via a mix of hands-on consultancy, training and technology. This helps organisations build operational acumen: using data to enhance business judgement and decision-making to drive growth, lower costs and optimise performance.


Purepoint started out as a provider of custom-built software for the Internet of Things (IoT) market and became a UK leader in this space. Working with some of the world’s most innovative organisations including Hive and Electrolux, Purepoint delivered smart on-demand enterprise software development, consultancy and training.


Based in Sofia, Bulgaria, TechHuddle set out to help companies of all sizes from start-ups to stock market listed companies to access world-class software engineers to deliver their IT projects, accelerate their product development and augment their teams.


Leveraging the power of the Azure ecosystem.

Platforms and services are a core part of your technology proposition, helping you standardise and modernise service delivery, scale effortlessly, get good at change and manage your information assets effectively and securely.

We are also firm believers in buy-over-build, where high quality off-the-shelf service components accelerate your time to value and free you to focus on the non-standard elements of your solution that deliver competitive edge and differentiation.

We work natively with Azure, but our teams will ensure your solutions are matched with the cloud platform that is right for your requirements.

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