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Empowering businesses through technology

We work at the intersection  of  software, processes, services, platforms and people, creating value, scale and repeated success for customers



We work at the intersection of software, processes, technology platforms and people, helping businesses create value, scale and repeated success.

We specialise in digital strategy definition, mathematical and commercial problem solving, enterprise software development, IoT solutions, integration and automation, AI, DevOps optimisation and modernisation of applications, data and platforms.

We prioritise 3 elements in our customer partnerships:


We are not robots. Technology is a tool that powers human endeavour. We solve business problems for people and we know a relentless, customer-centric approach that engages stakeholders and users will ultimately generate value for our own business.


Technology has the power to make or break entire businesses. We leave nothing to chance, and that starts with the very first step of our recruitment process right through to the last deliverable in a customer engagement. We’re only as good as our last solution – so it’s vital that we deliver quality and demonstrate value at every opportunity.


It can (always) be done. When we wow your users, everyone wins. So, we start by thinking big, we do the groundwork and validate our ideas with structured research - then turn this into durable, simple design and experience that can be easily operationalised.


We’ve done our job right when our customers:

  • Can draw a clear link between their digital strategy and achievement of their core business objectives
  • See technology as a key part of their competitive profile
  • Build continuous integration and improvement into their DNA
  • Use technology to abstract away anything that is not part of their core business.
Our Customers

The following case studies of successfully delivered products and projects serve to illustrate our ethos, methodology and values; while showcasing the different skill sets and experience of our teams.In some of the cases, names and technology specifics are not disclosed due to customer confidentiality agreements. Further information about a specific area of expertise is available on request.

Our People

All Ascentians have an IT, Computer Science or Mathematics degree and several of our staff additionally have postgraduate degrees at Masters and Doctoral level. In addition, we are strong believers in continually training and educating our staff. This helps foster an environment of knowledge sharing and continuous professional development.

Becoming an Ascentian is a rigorous process during which prospective employees are tested on their technical competence, their problem solving skills and their attitude.We have designed an innovative selection system that has, over the years, been refined to choose employees who fit our team well, thus boosting our efficiency.

Our project management staff are all industry experts in the field which the project requires, such as the finance, postal and telecommunications industries.

Our Partners

We work with a range of international partners, assisting at every stage of the process; from pre-sales to delivery. This close collaboration allows us to identify customer requirements, tailoring solutions which meet their needs by providing software development services. Fostering a strong working relationship is key to our success.

If you want to become a partner, please contact us at


Create & Deploy


Solve problems, deliver new consumer experiences and go-to-market solutions. Create new value through innovative custom-built cloud-native, hybrid and mobile software propositions

  • Solution Strategy and Delivery​
  • Minimum Viable Products & Proof of Concepts​
  • Agile, Flexible Delivery mechanisms
  • Customer Experience​
  • Security​

IoT & Embedded

Create new market offerings while reducing inventory, maintenance costs, and improving tracking of assets. Deploy new ways for your clients and service agents to interact with your offerings​

  • Industry 4.0​
  • Smart Home & Cities​
  • Low-Level & Firmware​
  • Virtual Assistants​

Integration & Automation

Deliver smoother & wider-value customer experiences which spark customer loyalty. Leverage robotic processes, frameworks and APIs to connect systems together, increasing productivity, processing speed and precision

  • Middleware
  • APIs​
  • Bot-Frameworks​
  • Testing & Mocking​
  • Migrations
Data & Analytics

Drive new ways to make faster, informed decisions. Transforming distributed and unmanageable data into a streamlined data warehouse, creating new insight and visualisation capabilities​

  • Data analysis​
  • Data cleansing​
  • Data aggregation & summarisation​
  • Extract, Transform & Load (ETL)​
  • On-Demand KPIs, Reporting & Dashboarding​

Modernise & Optimise


Re-Architect & re-build legacy, single platform and hard-to maintain apps into modern cross-platform, cloud-accessible, scalable and performant solutions​

  • Data modernisation & consolidation​
  • Customer Experience re-engineering​
  • Code re-factoring & re-platforming​
  • Code right-sizing​
  • Micro-services architecture​
  • Application migration & modernisation to AWS/Azure​

DevOps / CI / CD

Realise maximum change cadence with continuous software releases driving increased agility, client engagement, team momentum and reduced time-to-value. ​

  • Processes streamlining​
  • Predictable release cadence​
  • Integrated customer feedback​
  • Kubernetes & Containerisation​
  • Infrastructure right-sizing using ARM Templating​
Services & Platforms

Rationalise old custom-built legacy business applications and manual processes by leveraging modernised and available cloud-native platforms accessible from any location or device of choice, securely.​

  • Dynamics​
  • Salesforce​
  • Magento​
  • LogicApps & PowerApps​
Intelligence, Machine Learning & AI

Create a differentiated vibrant ecosystem of experiences and customer interactions. Leverage cloud capabilities & cognitive services covering text, speech and vision. ​

  • Pattern analysis​
  • Predictive Modelling​
  • Prescriptive Modelling​


Our engagement approach

Our flexible framework offers customers a range of engagement options for an accessible, easy to consume approach to achieving successful technology solutions to business challenges.


Our Expertise

We offer full stack capability delivered by 2 core technical centres of excellence in Malta and Bulgaria, with smaller local teams in 14 additional countries worldwide. We have also delivered a number of embedded systems software and low level development projects for customers in diverse sectors including automotive, medical and engineering sectors. Our expertise ranges from boot loaders, middleware application development and device drivers to APIs, SDKs and codecs.

  • Microsoft Azure Stack
  • AWS Stack
  • Dynamics
  • SharePoint
  • Power BI
  • PowerApps & LogicApps
  • MS SQL
  • .NET Core
  • Ruby
  • C#
  • Java
  • Node JS
  • Python
  • SQL Server
  • C++
  • Javascript/ ES6
  • JSON
  • Xamarin
  • PHP
  • AngularJS
  • ReactJS & React Native
  • HTML & CSS


Bringing a wealth of very sophisticated skills to the table, our Special Skills team is focused on problems that require artificial intelligence solutions and/ or complex mathematical techniques.

Across this service portfolio, our specialists deliver consulting, design, engineering, implementation and support expertise. Our teams include:

  • Solution Strategists
  • Business Analysts
  • Product Owners
  • Technical Architects
  • Software Engineers
  • Data Scientists
  • Database Optimisation Engineers
  • Multi Level Developers & Testers
  • DevOps Engineers
  • Project Managers


The best technology to help your business growth

We partner with you to achieve innovative Digital Transformation journeys using Agile, CI/CD. DevOps and Software automation built on enterprise-grade cloud platforms including AWS, Google and Microsoft Azure.

From challenge analysis to product design, to DevOps-powered CI/CD automation, to cloud-first experiences, to machine learning, to AI, and automated testing, Ascent enables you to create a digital advantage of software that can be accessed from any device or location of choice, securely and at scale.

Our software architects will work with you to turn your ideas into solutions powered by the cloud-platform best suited to your requirements.

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