04 Sep 2017

Ascent releases new version of Trident

The latest release of Trident Connect, Ascent’s automated payments platform, has been rolled out and users can look forward to noticeable improvements. Key areas that were focused on include optimisation of flow between screens, better export capabilities, enhanced synchronisation, improved UI, and more configuration options for compliance processes.

Probably the most useful improvement is the new method for setting up a payment. Trident Connect will now take into account pending payments when checking the available assets. Setting up a payment with a bank has also been made more straightforward for users wishing to effect the payment on a specific date, since Trident automatically schedules the payment, taking into account bank lead times.

The notifications given by Trident have also been enhanced, with more notifications being given - particularly with payment warnings. The update also includes bug fixes, optimization, and some UI changes. Further improvements can be expected in the next release.