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Ascent Software Brand Ambassador

Published on: 13 November 2017

Ascent Software recently appointed Mark Hennessy, Managing Director at Objective Professional Services, as an Ascent Software Ambassador. The decision to choose Mark as ambassador for the company came after a close and fruitful partnership between Ascent and Objective PS that brought added value to their shared clients.

As an ambassador for Ascent, Mark will be working with the Ascent team to identify organisations which may benefit from the company’s wide range of services, products, and solutions. Ascent Software already delivers its solutions to recognisable and well-established international brands such as BT, Bosch, the University of Oxford, AFEX, RSM, and Capita.

A logical next step in a valued relationship

Speaking about his appointment as the new company ambassador, Mark Hennessy said, “At Objective, we nurture close and long-term relationships with outstanding technology and technology-enabled clients. We work with these firms at a strategic level, exploring ways in which we can improve their business. Partnering with Ascent Software enables Objective to add value beyond our areas of expertise. A partner needs to be better than good; we stake our reputation on the work they do so it is critical that we understand their capabilities and have total trust in their output.”

“Ascent has proven over a long period to have exceptional processes and skills and can be completely trusted to achieve, or even exceed, customers’ expectations. We trust them with our reputation,” he added.

Joseph Sultana, CEO of Ascent Software, said, “Mark brings over 20 years’ solid experience in the IT industry. We already worked with Mark on two important projects and were impressed by his approach as well as the added value that he brought to our shared clients as well as to Ascent Software. Appointing Mark as our ambassador was the next logical step to build on an already valued relationship.”

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