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Brand Ambassadors for Trident Suite

Published on: 6 June 2018

Ascent Software has appointed David Wyatt and Andrew Hostler as brand ambassadors for the Trident Suite brand.

The Trident Suite of financial products offers companies in insurance, banking, funds, trusts, and pensions, amongst others, the ability to manage and automate complex and risky processes. An example of such a process is the payment approval workflow. Using one of the tools in the suite, Trident Connect, companies can ensure that each payment passes through the required steps for approval through multiple approvers and checklists. The tool also facilitates the automation of payments through the banking platforms and, after payment confirmation, ensures that all systems involved in the process are reconciled.

Announcing the appointment, Joseph Sultana, Trident Suite CEO, said that “David and Andrew are both very experienced and widely respected in their fields and are well positioned to provide payment workflow solutions to companies in financial services.”

David Wyatt has over 25 years’ experience in the financial markets industry, having held various treasury trading and sales roles at major financial institutions. David has extensive knowledge of financial products, and fully understands the requirements for efficiency in payment and trading systems. He has also worked on a number of major projects within banking, including significant branch restructuring on a European-wide scale as well as on the creation and implementation of a new trading product.

Andrew Hostler has over 30 years’ experience in financial services, having worked for companies including Cargill and HSBC and as a self-employed futures trader executing business on behalf of Merrill Lynch and many other major banks on the Liffe floor. He switched to designing and supporting electronic trading systems for a well-renowned software company just after the implementation of electronic trading. From there he moved to work for one of the software company's customers supporting multiple global electronic trading platforms covering all futures products.

Commenting on their appointment, Andrew stressed on the importance for companies adapting to changes in financial markets by upgrading and improving their support systems. “The Trident Suite was created with the needs of these companies in mind, and offer an effective way to optimise and automate processes, while lowering costs and risks.” For David, the solutions offer an effective way to manage compliance and avoid costly reputational damage arising from a lack of enforced processes.

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