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Greg Johnson appointed Brand Ambassador at Ascent Software

Published on: 18 July 2018

Greg Johnson has been appointed Brand Ambassador at Ascent Software. In this role, Greg will be promoting the software services and products offered by Ascent Software in various territories around the world.

Throughout his career, Greg was involved in a number of successful start-ups and business transformations to profitability and growth. He was a founder of Synergo Technology where, as COO, he was responsible for the Open Hub client base being extended across four continents.

Greg was subsequently instrumental in the foundation of Netik plc, a software business specialising in data management, reporting and electronic payments which enjoyed spectacular growth and expanded worldwide, through offices in North and South America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Following the acquisition of Netik by the Bank of New York, Greg spent several years as the CEO of Xenomorph, a provider of data management and analytics solutions. More recently, Greg has worked as a consultant to software companies across a range of vertical markets, helping to successfully launch a number of new businesses.

For Joseph Sultana, CEO at Ascent Software, “Greg brings with him substantial experience in the international software industry, and his appointment comes at a time of significant growth for the company. We are very proud of being in partnership with Greg, and are very confident that this will lead us to be involved in exciting software projects in different verticals around the world."

Commenting about his appointment, Greg said that "Having been a client of Ascent Software in a previous role, I have always been impressed by their ability to deliver solutions that work, on time and on budget. So it comes natural to me to promote Ascent Software as part of the services I offer to my customer base. "

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