Business Intelligence / Management Information Systems

Business Intelligence

With the emergence of business intelligence best practices as well as the pressure on increasingly complex data sources, Ascent has built a team of experts able to tackle a variety of projects in this field, including those that involve big data.  Ascent can help you to build tools that will play a key role in the strategic planning process of your business operations. We can help you to collect, store and explore your corporate data in order to assist with decision-making.

Technical Expertise: Ascent Software is an Oracle Gold Partner with a specific focus on the Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) Stack. We are comfortable working with big data and we have helped clients to leverage Oracle’s Business Analytics applications to improve decision support across the enterprise.

Deep vertical experience: Working closely with companies in the telecommunications, banking, and financial sectors we have built a solid understanding of the complexities associated with these sectors and this translates into a faster project uptake as well as substantially reduced project risk.

Management Information

MI is typically a dashboard incorporating Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) retrieved through Business Intelligence technologies. This drill-down report covers all critical areas of your business.