SharePoint & Dynamics CRM

In today’s world, IT products and technologies are constantly evolving. The scope, quality, and delivery of services and products often depends, to a large extent, on the IT systems a company has in place. The capability, robustness, and efficiency of your IT systems can make or break the future of your business so it is vital to give your company the edge and stay a step ahead of your competitors. At Ascent we have made considerable investment into two class-leading server platforms – Microsoft’s SharePoint and Dynamics CRM. We configure, customize, and support these products and we have an in-house team of very experienced specialists who can help you take these products to a new level.


SharePoint, the leading business collaboration platform, is now one of the fastest growing server products in the World. Ascent Software's extensive experience in SharePoint development has enabled our customers to collaborate, share documents and content more effectively.

How can we help?

A working knowledge of SharePoint’s core elements is crucial for successful deployment and ease of maintenance. However, while this core knowledge is valuable and allows both customer and supplier to understand the requirements of a project better; there are many ways in which a business’s SharePoint experience can be enhanced.

At Ascent, we have experience of customising SharePoint for a range of industries and can ensure that you maximise the potential of the platform. We can help you to make your first deployment and to build on your existing use of the product. We are especially valuable when it comes to complex projects such as integration with other tools and software. This gives us the edge when it comes to understanding your requirements, designing and implementing solutions and then providing support.

Some of our technical capabilities:

  • Branding of SharePoint sites (master pages, CSS classes)
  • Development of custom web parts
  • Development of custom workflows
  • Development of event handlers
  • Integration with Enterprise Search and People Search
  • Integration with LOB applications through the Business Data Catalog (BDC) in MOSS 2007 or Business Connectivity Services (BCS) in MOSS 2010 including Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SAP
  • Development of web parts displaying key performance indicators and data retrieved through BDC
  • Implementation of InfoPath forms and integrating them into SharePoint solution
  • Integration of reports developed using SQL Server reporting services into SharePoint applications
  • Development of custom authentication and authorization providers (extending the authentication/authorization functionality provided by ASP.NET / SharePoint
  • Development of portals built on SharePoint using Out-of-the-box features as well as custom web parts


What is Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Microsoft Dynamic CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) is a powerful business application platform that manages a company's interactions and relationships with its customers.  Today’s CRM software has become highly sophisticated and yet it’s still easy to use.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables employees to access the data in CRM from any device across all modern platforms - including from tablets and mobile phones.  By being able to access this information instantly, an employee is able to better answer the customer’s questions, and the customer is more likely to feel appreciated by your company.  The product can be used online or on-premises, depending on your company’s IT strategy.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM can also be seamlessly integrated with your digital devices, such as your IP telephony system, through appropriate software plug-ins.  A pop-up window of the customer contact record appears on your employee’s computer screen. Before the second ring, the employee taking the call has access to information about the customer who is calling, any pending orders they might have, and recent returns, amongst other data.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM users can also be allowed to access their data while working offline.  This is particularly useful to sales personnel while they are visiting their prospective or existing customers.  As a result, interconnected CRM software can help you not only improve customer satisfaction, but increase employee productivity and reduce costs.

How can we help?

Getting a Dynamics CRM system right is all about getting the right consultants to do the job.  Configuration and customisation in Dynamics CRM is relatively easy to achieve because of the system’s intuitive and easy to use interface, but aligning a company's workflow and procedures with that of a CRM application can be an intricate job.

Our team of Microsoft Dynamics CRM consultants can help you design and implement a CRM system which addresses your specific business needs.  Whilst making use of the rich features that are provided out-of-the-box, the flexibility of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM engine, backed by our team of experienced consultants, allows us to adapt the platform to your needs. We can customize the out-of-the box Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform to provide the right information at the right time and improve productivity of your staff in customer relations.

Our technical capabilities

Our team of Microsoft Dynamics CRM consultants specialises in helping businesses to achieve value from their CRM system.  Crucially, we offer installation expertise. This is backed up by many years of experience in the Dynamics CRM space.  Besides, our consultants also specialise in the following areas of CRM:

  • Planning your organisation’s user hierarchy for using CRM effectively.
  • Customisations on top of out-of-the-box functionality.
  • Implement workflows and plugins to improve efficiencies between departments.
  • Integrate CRM with other any other 3rd party system – being it another Microsoft system or an old legacy system – for data synchronisation and consolidation
  • Data migration of your data into CRM.
  • Build custom Business Intelligence reports and add them into CRM.
  • Provide CRM training to your organisation.